What Has The Myeloma Done To Me?

From being admitted just over a week ago, I have seen the quick deterioration of my body.

I have in previous blogs mentioned my back pain. Today I found out why I am
prescribed a controlled substance, why I am hobbling around on a Zimmer frame, why I cannot roll onto my side and although i have not tested this, why I cannot put my big toe in my mouth. The disease has made my bones weak. Very weak indeed and as the consultant explained it to me today, and let’s
face it, I could be wrong (I am
on a lot of drugs) the lesions on my bones, initially identified on my X-rays, are where my bones are weakest and this where my pain is strongest.

The consultant on Monday said I needed to be careful because my bones may fracture or break. At the time I thought this was funny, because when is an adult really not careful about breaking their bones? Sure, no contact sports or skateboarding.

Well, today I was told that I had fractured a vertebra in my lower back and he said something else about a ‘collapse’. Collapse? I still do not know what that means. The consultant thought that this was manageable… Some people disagreed and as I go to bed, there is still no conclusion about what to do about this fractured vertebrae. There are some mystery neurosurgeons, in another hospital, who are most concerned and suggested urgent X-rays and another CT scan and a hospital transfer for repair. I did the tests. I do not know what else is happening. Neither does my nurse, so she is making me limit
my movements to the bed and toilet. Spoilsport.

Unfortunately, I have also been suffering from the attractive and very comfortable night sweats. Though, to be honest, there was a day when I was relieved to discover that the moisture was sweat and not from an incontinent source, if you catch my drift. So this happened the night before last and what do you know? Chest infection. This meant one more day in hospital (at least, this then allowed them to find the fracture) and more drugs.

More to follow tomorrow about my Zimmer. Let me just remind you… I am
28. 28!

I want to go home now please….


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