Nil By Mouth

This hospital keeps getting better and better. At 05:00hrs I was awoken to be informed that I was having an operation first thing in the morning and I was not allowed to eat or drink anything. By the time I had asked what the operation was for, the nurses had left my cell. Now then, I was woken up 15 minutes ago to be informed that I had to prepare myself for surgery as i was the first one up on the board. I have been given a gown, soap, stockings, what appear to be paper knickers and a towel and I have been told to shower. I asked again what my operation is for, they told me the name, a kyphoplasty, but the nurses know nothing else and tell me I have to wait and see the doctor. I explain that I have been waiting since I arrived to speak to a doctor about treatment. As far as I am aware, I am here for a consultation. Not an operation in an hour that nobody has explained. Wikipedia better be right about this. Now they are telling me that in an hour I will be under general aesthetic and I am likely to be in recovery for ‘several’ hours. So then… In short, shit scared.

I will check back later.

3 thoughts on “Nil By Mouth

  1. Sarah says:

    Hope all goes well and they actually explain what they’re doing! Thinking of you x x

  2. Ciaran says:

    Here, get that nurse who puts 2 bags in yer tea to get on this shit, she does not mess around. Giz a shout when you can Jones. X

  3. Nic Chalmers says:


    Those stockings are pretty special, Jones, I hope you get to keep them afterwards. Lots of love.


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