Recovery Room And A Pain In My Arse

Before I talk about my recovery, I should probably note that I met two reassuringly professional anaesthetists, who made me think that the procedure would be alright on the night

After what appeared to be a brief sleep, I was woken up in the Recovery Room by a wonderful nurse. All I remember doing is waking up, wiggling my toes and saying “yes! I am not paralysed” and then promptly falling back to sleep.

Sometime later, I was woken up again or I could have woken up myself – it’s a mystery, rather concerned that I needed to speak to my Big Sister in Peterborough. So, the kind lady, called said sister and imagine my delight when I heard the nurse ask “you are in the building?”. It was at this point I exhaled with relief and wondered why I had expected anything less from those relatives of mine. I managed to see her briefly in the lift as I was transferred back to my cell. It was at this point some words came out of my mouth, I could not stop them, it was almost like a tick and it worries me. I am worried about what I am becoming. Bloody cancer. As Big Sister walked out of my eye line, I said “Bye Kirsty, see you in a bit. I Love You”.

True story.

I returned to my semi-comatose state, in the Wing of Broken Dreams and was just delighted, and reassured to see out of the corner of my eye a Twin and a Lali having a discussion with a nurse who was telling them that it was ‘Rest Time’ and they could not see me. I don’t know if they could see the size of my grin, but my gosh did I want to deliver I wide one.

Back to sleep once more, I was indulging in a little time with my EMan and a thumb and woke to to find another Twin watching over me. Man I love these people.

I had more visits today. It would be a fool to bet against Middlesborough attending. I think she is keen for Copella Apple Juice to be the official sponsor of this blog or more generally, myeloma.

In terms of the pain, and reduced pain, time will tell… But I am optimistic.

I also experienced my first catheter today …. It was promptly removed to be certain.

Pictures below of my recovery today and the puncture wounds.

Sleep tight.



3 thoughts on “Recovery Room And A Pain In My Arse

  1. Liv Morris says:

    That back shot is quite sexy Jones. Even in hospital Jenny comes out to play….

    • ejbones says:

      She can’t help it. If you forget it’s attached to a stomach and the two stitches, there’s quite a nice shape going on there. My photographer did well. I am sure there are more to come. I mean, god knows what I am going to be like as an outpatient.

    • ejbones says:

      I’ve decided Jenny will feature a bit. She has too. We’re going to have to work sexy into patchy baldness.

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