Karma is a bad, bad thing.

So is insomnia caused by the steroids and so is curiosity…. I did not need to go onto the MacMillan website and look at the other side effects of steroids, especially in this sleep deprived state. Actually, I did. I was just ruling out calling the emergency number… I was being sensible. Actually, sensible would be having the documents in reachable distance/memorised. I would then have looked at a specific sheet for my steroid and not general steroid use. Anyway, where was I? Yes, Female facial hair growth, whilst not a medical ’emergency’, is the pits, and it is all my own fault. It’s the fucking puts…

So, in my pre-diagnosis days I may have instigated a little conversation with Housemate about the now disqualified Belarusian Shot Putter and commented on her, ummm, appearance. Housemate was innocent and at no time did he make an audible judgement. He is pure. I did and I should have known better. I am a friend of all people for goodness sake. I know what you are thinking, my comment could not have been that bad, well, I just went onto my google search to assist those of you who are not fans of women’s shot-put, thinking you may require a photograph for evidence, and what do you know? I had already conducted a google search of this lady, specifically on google images. This means, that I had a conversation about her on more than one occasion. I really am a friend of the people.

And how do the Karma gods repay me? Potential excess facial hair in addition to potential baldness. Oh and acne. Bloody acne. Brilliant. Great. Sexy. Arousing…. Might as well kiss that crush goodbye now.

Bloody Karma. From now on, I am going to love everybody.*

* Sure.



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