Last night’s little treat, I am going to blame on the chemotherapy… Stomach cramps. They suck. They also make you feel sick. That sucks. Have I mentioned that I am constipated again? That sucks. My whole torso sucks and not that I have tried, but I bet I still cannot eat a sausage. No sucking there.

Treatment sucks.

Must remember my home cinema and my indispensable friends, they do not suck.

This is just Day 4. I have at least 80 more days to go…

4 thoughts on “Sucky

  1. Stuart says:

    Hey! Anna saw me reading your blog last night so I explained your situation as best I could. She wants you to know that she is sending good thoughts and is sure you will be there when she next visits the office 🙂

    • ejbones says:

      Ah, tell her I said thank you. I hope to be there soon too. Minus the pasty skin and the potential excessive hair/hair loss, I’m looking quite hot right now. Skinnier.

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