28 Days

28 days ago today, whilst lying on a corner bed of UCH’s AAU, accompanied by Mamma Jones and Big Sister, I was provisionally diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. The formal diagnosis came three days later. My story is a well tread one and everything that has happened to me since then is *entertainingly* documented on this site. So, as I woke this morning and let my personal landmark sink in, it got me thinking about all the other life changes and potentially life changes events that can happen to an individual or individuals in a 28 day period…. Enjoy.

• A menstrual cycle is on average 28 days. If Aunt Flo decided not to pay a visit in this 28 days, that could indeed be life changing.

• During the anagen hair growth phrase, the average rate of hair growth is 1cm per month. This may impact on those in the Armed Forces or those not familiar with the safety precautions of using a Bunsen Burner. For my sake, I sincerely hope that this rate is modest.

• The gestation period for a wombat is 26-28 days.

• A partner of a British Citizen should apply to remain in the UK 28 days before a visa expiry date. Otherwise, there could be tears.

• Some women propose to their boyfriends during the 29 days in a February Leap Year. They wouldn’t do this if it was a normal 28 day month. 2012 is a Leap Year. These ladies are not desperate.

• In 2000, Sandra Bullock went on a mediocre journey to overcome an addiction to alcohol and drugs with a 28 day stay in rehab. She flirted with a pre-Aragorn, Viggo Mortensen. It probably was not a match made in heaven, but she did turn her life around. Yay!

• Section 2 of The Mental Health Act allows for compulsory for assessment or assessment for treatment that can last up to 28 days. ‘It is the most common way for people to be detained’.

• Pete Conrad, Joseph Kerwin and Paul Weitz were the first astronauts to be in orbit for 4 weeks on Skylab 2 from May-June 1973.

• Carol Vorderman is the face of a 28 day detoxification programme. The results got her face and curves back in the TV didn’t they? Didn’t they? Cheeky Countdown.

• The Shamen spent 4 weeks at Number 1 from 13 September 1992 with “Ebeneezer Goode”. Hang on, Aqua’s “Barbie Girl” was at number 1 for 4 weeks in 1997, changing the face of modern music as we know it.

• According to the website cracked.com, a zombie apocalypse could actually happen, so….


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