Food Restrictions

At some point, on a quiet day, I intend to tell you all about my amazing new diet, which I imagine is going to make me so hot, I’ll be able to pull off any short hair style cancer decides to enforce upon me. Trust me, it really will be an interesting blog.

Until that lucky day comes, I think I should inform you, especially my generous friends that there are restrictions to my diet. Most of them are self imposed. Annoyingly, this predominantly exists around fruit. I can’t really eat it.

Yesterday, I received a package of strawberries and blueberries, which in the raw form, I cannot eat. They may carry germs and I am just too cautious to risk further ill health. When I say cautious, what I actually mean is that I am a wuss. I think most normal people would have given the fruit to Housemate and there is some for him, sure. In my mind however, so that the kindness did not go to waste and also to not to waste money, I had another escorted trip to the supermarket and spent more money, and decided to cook said fruit. Plus, the baking on Thursday felt so good. No wonder it is actually my hobby.

And what are the fruits of my labour I hear you ask? Strawberry crumble and breakfast blueberry muffins. Feast your eyes on these…

FYI. I am aware that my logic is ridiculous, especially because I think I spent a week’s worth of energy in the last 24 hours and thus, as a result, I am fairly certain that tomorrow will now equal hibernation.



One thought on “Food Restrictions

  1. linda2611 says:

    Those muffins look delicious!

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