End Of Cycle One… Next!

Today, I have officially completed my first treatment cycle. That’s 21 days (actually 20 because of the bank holiday) of treatment done. 20 days done. Just like that.

My consultant tells me that I should not have expected to see a reduction in my myeloma during my first cycle and I did not. My medical team did tell me to expect sickness and lethargy from my treatment, which most certainly did happen. I was told that my immune system would be compromised during week two and that did not happen. I was told that I would enjoy the ‘week off’ in my cycle and I am happy to confirm that that most definitely did happen.

Tomorrow, I start my second 21 day cycle… During this time, I will undergo four chemotherapy sessions, ingest 160mg of steroids, have four injections in my stomach, experience at least one 30 minute session on an IV and have multiple tests including biweekly bloods. As a consequence, I am going to feel sick and I may actually be sick. I am going to get tired and fall asleep in front of people. I could get a viral infection and be admitted to hospital. I could not. I may, once again, experience insomnia and muscle spasms so crippling that I get scared and will want to be saved. I may have to endure and thus my loved ones by default, the dreaded ‘roid rage. I will probably cry and I will get angry. I am most certainly, at some point, going to be constipated. That much I know about me.

As for all the other developments and endless possibilities that can happen over the next 21 days… Who knows? I am ready for whatever My Myeloma wants to throw at me.

So, I end this blog, with how I ended my blog 20 days ago. Bring. It. On.

Bring it on Cycle Two. Please lower my paraprotein level and start to make me better. I am ready.

Dear My Myeloma. I am coming for you bitch and I am ready for your stupid side effects, whatever they may be, and if you want to play tough, then please feel free to kiss my slightly smaller arse. Regards, EJ

One thought on “End Of Cycle One… Next!

  1. Pip says:

    Go on Jones! You are such a star.

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