Work Is The Best

In the last few days I have been doing some work. Actual, Blackberry based work and it is liberating. I certainly did not know that admin could be liberating, I hazard a guess that I would not have put that in the written form for all to see 6 weeks ago. I do not want people to be alarmed (I was told off this morning via email), all the work has been done whilst lying in my bed, in my ambulance or during treatment. Crucially, I have done it when I feel able to. I am using my healthy time productively. The work probably took me two hours longer than it would do normally and that frustrated me, but, it’s early days. I know that.

So, this is just a quick post to say to my colleagues and Mamma Jones,”Don’t Panic!” I promise I am being sensible.

I also want to say thank you, once again to the establishments who have shown their support. I just thought I was the annoying girl who irritated the staff at your gates and made ill timed jokes in meetings. I cannot have a favourite establishment now. In addition to the cards, emails, phone calls and flowers I have already received, last week I received a hamper from Fortnum and Masons and I just had a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered from one of the Locals. Your generosity and support is too much, but thoroughly appreciated, and inflating me ego by the minute. Literally, by the minute.

I promise to bake you all so much stuff when I return, you’ll all be morbidly obese in no time at all. Unlike me.

As it is a Tuesday, I trust that everything is ‘ordered’.





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