Running For Friends

My two beautiful and very organised friends, Sarah Lester and Laura Phillimore are going for a little run next weekend. When I say a little run, they are doing the Bristol Half Marathon. I am not able to do the Bristol Half Marathon, and trust me, this has absolutely nothing to do with My Myeloma. I just can’t run. I don’t like it. As a rule of thumb, exercise and me do not get on. We never have.

It gets on with Laura and Sarah however, and as well as having the personal achievement of being able to run 13 miles next weekend, which I am in complete awe of, they have been kind enough to set up a Just Giving page to raise money for Myeloma UK. The page is by no means last minute.

Once again, I am truly thankful to have friends like these and I know they are going to smash it.

The link to their page is below as is a lovely photograph of the two of them just so you know that I was not lying when I said they were beautiful, but that’s probably because they exercise…

Thanks Ladies.

EJ x


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