Hip (H)op?

It is now a recognised fact that I will not be doing any break dancing any time soon, which of course, is unfortunate for those of you fortunate enough to have seen me thrust my hips pre-myeloma.

Today though, I may be getting closer… Actually, that is a lie. I don’t know whether the phone call from my clinical nurse is good or bad news yet. All I know, is that I have just been given another thing to contend with.

Last week, you may recall that I had increased pain in my right hip and this was x-rayed. I was told that there were no new lesions and there aren’t, but what I failed to register when I celebrated last week, is that there is a lesion in my right hip. A weakness. A further pain in my arse (nearly).

As I understand it, some medical people discussed my case yesterday and whilst the jury, by jury, I mean, Medically Trained People, is still out, in the next few weeks I will either undergo radiotherapy or have an operation on my hip. Why? I assume to stop the pain and prevent further damage. I am 28 after all and I like my hip. I use it. A lot. And when My Myeloma is gone, I intend on using it a lot more. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Right now though, my head is awash with questions…. Lots of questions. What does radiotherapy involve? Will it reduce my chances of having my own child further? What sort of operation would I need? What are the risks? Will it hurt? Will I have a scar? Will I be able to walk normally afterwards? Would I be able to wave bye bye to my walking stick? Why is my medical team so good?

I am just going to have to wait for my questions to be answered and be patient; this is a bugger. I am no good at being patient and I am going to have to wait a week. A week!? This is indeed a bugger.

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