A Trip To The Dry Cleaners…

Me: Thank you. How much was that again?
Dry Cleaner Man: £8.50. You don’t need the ticket. I know who you are… What have you done to your leg?
EJB: [invisibly rolls eyes] Oh, I have not done anything. I was recently diagnosed with cancer of the bone marrow.
DCM: What does the doctor say?
EJB: Well I am currently undergoing treatment, including chemotherapy, so I am just working my way through that at the moment. [Smiles] But there is not a cure for the type of cancer I have.
DCM: Okay, just make sure you don’t get pregnant at this time.
EJB: Don’t worry, the doctors have warned me…
DCM: … You know, you should still be having sex but it is not good for a baby. Maybe wait for a few months after your treatment…
EJB: [shock]
DCM: …use protection, it depends what your boyfriend likes, but you know, you should use a condom and the pill just to be sure, or something… But make sure you do have sex, not all the time, but the exercise is good for you….
EJB: [mortified]… Yeah, ummm, yeah, my mobility is quite restricted…
DCM: … but you have to be careful not to get fat. You should be trying to have sex maybe every two weeks…
EJB: Oh okay, thanks. Bye [Exits]


5 thoughts on “A Trip To The Dry Cleaners…

  1. Linda Jones says:


  2. Sophie says:

    How. Very. Random. !!!!!!

  3. JaneD says:

    Ok, so now I need a new keyboard or – yet again this one has to go in the dishwasher as it has been sprayed with food! Speechless!!!!!

  4. Lorna says:

    Now that was funny. I personally will have to pass on his anti-fatness advice to all my friends. 🙂

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