Today, I was out of my flat for a grand total of 380 minutes, but today I do not care. I do not care that it took 380 minutes to receive a single injection in my stomach, because today has been a Good Day. My walking stick is still missing and my hip hurts like hell, but I do not care. Well, I do care about that, but I am not going to let it burst my current bubble, even if the bubble proves only to be temporary.

To start with, I had not one, but three people visit me at The Clinic, which made the six hours pass with the greatest of ease. I really do have some good friends.

Today is Day 10 of my second treatment cycle, which marks the day when my immune system will start to fall. Between now and Sunday, my immune system will be at the lowest point in the cycle, which means I have to be particularly cautious, so if you see me, please try not to cough in my face. During my first cycle my immune system did not crash and I hoped and continue to hope that this remains the case for my current cycle. I said yesterday that I might start to trust my body again if my Full Blood Count results came back within ‘normal’ range, especially my White Blood Count. I am somewhat obsessed with my FCB, I blame Haemo Dad. I was rooting for something above 5. Last Thursday my WBC was 8, on Monday it was 6.66, today it was 5.5. Yes Body! Well done. Good work. I like to think that my current obsession with goji berries played a part in this result. Sure, my platelets are a little bit lower than I would have liked, but overall, this was a good set of results. Again.

This is not why I am in a good mood today. By the time I found this out, my WBC could have been 2 and I would not have minded that much. I would have moved on by locking myself in the house for the weekend and sleeping.

Today, I am in a good mood because I have firm evidence that MY TREATMENT IS WORKING! Today, I found out that my paraprotein level, the main cancer barometer for My Myeloma had reduced by 35% during my first cycle. My Doctors are aiming for a 90% reduction, but I am really aiming for no paraprotein at the end of my treatment. That is my goal, but I cannot get ahead of myself. For today, I know that in the first three weeks of my treatment, my paraprotein level reduced from 40 to 26. This means that today I know that my treatment is working. I did not know this yesterday. This means that today, I am happy in the knowledge that I am one step closer to beating My Myeloma and I am one step closer to trusting my body again. The Body, has decided at last, to play ball.

I am not going to think about the pain in my hip or yesterday’s new pain in my left collarbone. I can think about that tomorrow and maybe write an uplifting blog about Extreme Pain. I am not going to think about my hair falling out and I am not going to think about anything else that is a negative in my life.

Today, I am going to bask in the glory of knowing that my treatment is working and that all the waiting, the constipation, the fatigue and the hair loss are worthwhile because my paraprotein level is reducing and my treatment is working.

Long may this continue.


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