The Macmillan Coffee Mornings

Today, in offices across the country people participated in what Macmillan Cancer Support billed as ‘The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’. Given my recent diagnosis, my office was one such office who participated and I am truly thankful to Laura, Cathy, Middlesborough and all the other bakers who contributed and helped to organise the event to raise money for Macmillan. I am also truly thankful that my body decided to have a normal immune system, so that I was able to get myself to the office and enjoy a cuppa and cake with them. The fact that my body was behaving (ish, I have no idea why my pain is worse this week) meant that I was able to show my gratitude in person, and, ssssh, I had spent the week willing my body to allow me to attend. I even made my own little contribution to the baked goods with an overly crumbly banana and chocolate cake.

Since my first day of treatment, the support I have received from Macmillan has been incredible. Before I entered the Macmillan Centre at UCH, if I am honest, I really had no intention of using the Support Centre, I don’t know why I thought this, maybe I thought that I had enough support already. Now, I find myself going in to see the suppor workers whenever I am in the Clinic. My friends have been there with me and one described it as a ‘sanctuary’ and for me, it is. At least once a week, I find myself going in there for my own little coffee morning, except I don’t like coffee so I have a cup of tea instead. The people who work in there make me feel better, they are now another part of my immense Support Network. I have taken full advantage of the services they offer, which includes relaxation therapies, wig fittings and the scarf tying lesson. My counselling is also organised via Macmillan. So, essentially, what I am saying to you, is that Macmillan deserve all the money they can get. They make my days better.

Back to Our Coffee Morning and to other people who make my days better… The morning was a roaring success. So many people came to the ground floor, ate cake, drank tea and donated. It was also a perfect excuse for me to catch up with my colleagues and anybody or is anybody knows how much I love a chat and the opportunity to talk about myself. It was brilliant and crucially, they achieved what they set out to do and that was to raise money Macmillan. The final total was a rather respectable £372.04 and a franc. Good work and thank you. I really need to find another way of saying thank you.

Now, I kissed a lot of people today. All I am saying, is, you better have been healthy.

In case you do not believe me, below is photographic evidence of the super fun morning. Yes, I have become a person who enjoys a coffee morning. I blame the myeloma.









Meanwhile, in Lincolnshire….

Big Sister and Mamma Jones also organised coffee mornings in their offices. Their events even featured in the local paper. Get them. Big Sister raised £115 and given the size of her office, this is more than credible. I don’t need to thank them, I like to think they intrinsically know what it means to me. Check out this cake display:

One thought on “The Macmillan Coffee Mornings

  1. Laura Carscadden says:

    So happy you came……missing you like mad!!! You keep going girl xxx

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