The Independent Shopper

Since my release from hospital my ability to food shop has been limited to the kindness of friends and family. This has basically meant people going to the shop on my behalf (mostly Housemate and Laurie bringing me milk) or escorting me to the supermarket and carrying my groceries home. Occasionally, I may be adventurous and venture to the corner shop, but that is as much as my body will allow. One day I will be able to carry things heavier than EMan (he’s my teddybear, my love, in case you were wondering) again, but until that time comes, shopping for food independently is out. Before I consider carrying groceries, I should probably aim for being able to walk for more than a mile, or indeed, walk anywhere outside the flat without my walking stick. Thank you My Myeloma.

This is frustrating. I like to be able to go to the shop and buying too many bags of flour. I will never take this for granted again.

Today though, I took a step closer to independence… I thought outside the box and embraced being middle class. That’s right, I found Ocado. I still needed somebody to put my shopping at waist height and another friend went and bought me some bananas to ensure that there were not bruised, but I still managed to do my own shopping and man, does it feel good. I now have a fully stocked fridge and cupboards, fully stocked with fibre. My bowel is going to be so happy.

So, today, I took one Internet step towards independence and it feels so good.



Oh, and apparently, My Myeloma is now sponsored by Dorset Cereals.


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