I have become addicted to many things since my diagnosis, though I sincerely hope that one such thing is not my pain pills (and this is being closely monitored by yours truly and probably my doctors and pharmacists to boot), but other, non sinister things, completely addicted…

So, My name is Emma Jane Jones and I am addicted to pillows. Thank God I got that one off my chest, phew.

When the bones from your hip to your neck are full of dark shadows that have leaked calcium into your blood and introduced immense pain to your life, it is amazing what comfort a cloth case filled with something soft can create. It is rare to see me in a seated position these days without a pillow. I suppose I should include the cushion into this discussion as well.

I am particularly fond and thankful that somebody invented The Travel Pillow. I am not talking about one of these inflatable things you buy in departure lounges. Oh no. I have two. Correction, I had two, I lost one on Friday in a taxi (I am also grateful to Amazon; I should get my replacement tomorrow). The technology behind the modern travel pillow is impressive. I have one called the ‘New Innovations Total Pillow’ and trust me, it is exciting as it sounds. I also have one that I have been in love with for years and It proved to be a good friend to me in hospital. It also smells like me and as I am a narcissist, that’s just ideal. Nothing, however, can compare to The Pregnancy Pillow. They should really rebrand these for Myeloma sufferers or indeed anybody suffering from severe pain. They are, quite simply, the bomb. Sure, they are ugly as hell, but they offer me pain relief and that is all I care about.


See, ugly as hell.

My name is Emma Jane Jones and I also addicted to tea even herbal, butter beans, Words With Friends and my iPhone. Thanks My Myeloma.


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