Saturday Night

Last night, I almost, almost had a normal pre-cancer Saturday night in with friends. We watched crap Saturday night TV, Icooked dinner and we drank beer. It was a delight. Other friends were going out to a reunion, but last night, I wanted to stay in with my favourite TV Buddies and eat. I would not have been able to go to the reunion anyway, my hip is still being a real pain in the arse. So what were the differences? Well, they let themselves in with the contingency keys, my beer was 0% (thanks Lads), instead of mince the chilli was a three bean high fibre feast, the snacks were nuts and seeds, I allowed my guests to do the dishes and I had to be tucked up in bed by midnight. It was indeed a delight. I then slept for a whole 10 hours…. It’s just a bloody shame about the cancer.

I just wish and long for the day when I do not think about the fact that I have cancer. Obviously, I also long for the day when My Myeloma is put to sleep, but in the meantime, I would like one day when I do not think that about my cancer and I can just get on with things as normal. I would be normal. Normal EJ thoughts. I think, realistically, that would be impossible, and that is indeed a shame.

So, My Myeloma and I are going to hang out today and hope for an equally good Sunday as my Saturday.

Oh, as I am such a crazy part animal, I took photographic evidence of the remnants of my good old Saturday night in. Just for you.



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