Dedicated Friends Complete Half Marathon For Cancer Riddled Chum

Two friends successfully completed the Bristol Half Marathon on Sunday 30 September, running to raise money for cancer charity Myeloma UK. Laura, 28 and Sarah, 30, both based in London, underwent an intensive training regime to prepare for their 13 mile challenge. The week before the run, the two friends who met whilst studying at Royal Holloway, University of London, braced the harsh British climate and completed a 13 mile run in torrential conditions. Fortunately, the weather for the main event was more favourable. Sarah and Laura completed the marathon in a respectable time of 2 hours and 13 minutes, crossing the finishing line holding hands, symbolising the strength of their bond and enduring friendship.

Sarah and Laura decided to raise money for Myeloma UK after their attractive and intelligent friend, who goes by the name of EJ Bones, 28, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in August. Myeloma is a cancer of the bone marrow, and it is rare for somebody of Miss Bones’ age to be diagnosed with the disease. Myeloma is commonly described as a treatable cancer, but a cancer that has no cure. Myeloma UK, in addition to supporting those suffering from Myeloma, also promote and encourage research for new treatments and seek to ensure that new treatments get to Myeloma patients as quickly as possible.

To date, the friends have raised £190 for the charity and there is still time to donate. Although the friends completed the race in good time, it was not without suffering. Laura has sustained an injury in a location to be identified and after an evening of worry and agony, Sarah, has confirmed that she has a swollen toe, which has started to bruise. Such hardship on behalf of their attractive and intelligent friend with a cancer with no cure, is duly worthy of more recognition from others’ hard earned cash. Donations can be made at

Today, Sarah explained ‘there was a point at seven miles where we felt like we could run forever – that we’d definitely want to do a whole marathon – but then, by around the eleven mile mark, when our legs started hurting and our feet were sore, we decided the idea of a full marathon was masochistic and insane.’ On completion of the race, Laura simply said, ‘We did it!’.

‘We did it!’, Laura, left, Sarah, right.

Miss Bones was unable to travel from London to Bristol to support her friends in person. It is understood that at the time of the race, whilst her friends were running 13 miles to raise money on her behalf, Miss Bones was in bed eating yogurt. Miss Bones was not available for comment today, but left a comment on Laura’s Just Giving page expressing her gratitude, which read ‘I am so bloody fortunate to have friends like you to do this for me’. Miss Bones is indeed fortunate.

Sarah and Laura celebrated their triumph with a well deserved glass of red wine, before returning to London, back to the grindstone.

To find out more about Myeloma and the work of Myeloma UK please visit their website

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