IT Fail

For the last two weeks, one thing I have been looking forward to is starting working properly again this week. It has been a target of mine, a way for me to return to some sort of normality. My mentality is childish, it’s essentially ‘I may have cancer, but I can still do work, I’ll show you My Myeloma. You will not take my brain away from me.’

My work are kindly providing me with a laptop with secure connection so I can work from home and two weeks ago, I received an email to say that my laptop would be delivered to the London office in 5 working days. Thus, I happily put a date in my diary during my ‘off week’ to go into the office and collect. Although it is only a laptop, in my mind, it symbolises some sort of freedom from My Myeloma. Today, however, I found out that the IT provider had stalled the order and I now have to wait another week until the device is in my hands. I am sure a week means nothing to them but to me? I am swear word livid.

I know it is only a week, but I feel like it is a set back. I am ready now. I am ready to get back to normal.



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