I have said ‘appreciated’ a lot this week. I think it is because I am bored of saying ‘thank you’. Next week, I might try and use ‘gratitude’, the week after that, I’ll be going for ‘obliged’. Friends and family, be warned, as you continue to be so lovely and generous, I will continue to find new ways to show my thanks.

Many of the recipients of my appreciation, have already been thanked on the blog this week, so I will not repeat myself. I am fortunate enough to have documented my thanks so I cannot forget in my drug induced haze that I have done so… conversations on the other hand are a different matter completely.

Today my appreciation has to go to Middlesborough and her boyfriend, let’s call him, um… Jack, who made at least a 90 minute detour and drove me back to Mamma Jones’ from London en route to (surprise, surprise) Middlesborough. This was very kind indeed and also saved me from carrying a bag that was too, too heavy through Kings Cross. I suppose I repaid them somewhat, as they have now seen Eastgate, Glinton and the River Welland. I am embarrassed by how nice it was for them to drive to the bottom of Eastgate. When I am better….


This week’s appreciation should also go to my friends from the 7s who ventured to N1 and not the Buckingham Arms for beer last night, to Housemate for returning from his holiday, to the people who contacted me to check I was mentally stable after my Bad Day, to GKD for cooking me brunch from Whole Foods, to George for offering to clean my oven, to Mamma Jones for buying me hummus and linseed and to Big Sister just because.

As for the rest of you who continue to see me and text me and email me and think about me, it is also very much appreciated.

Merci beaucoup,

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