Last night, in search of some light entertainment I decided to watch Roger Moore’s second outing as James Bond, ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’. This is turn reminded me of being 17 years old on holiday with my friend Rachael and her family in Thailand.* This in turn reminded me that since that trip 11 years ago, Rachael’s dad has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Huw was diagnosed seven years ago. This in turn reminded me of his amazing strength and that of his family, in battling his disease and the obstacles it has thrown their way. This in turn made me think about how wonderful Rachael has been since my diagnosis; understanding and explaining to me the new terminology I have had to learn. This in turn made be feel thankful and humbled that Rachael’s brother-in-law, Neil, has signed up to do a triathlon next September to raise money for Myeloma UK on behalf of Huw and me.

Basically, by watching ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’, I was reminded that I have something to aspire to. They have shown me how to do it. I know I can replicate Rachael’s family’s strength and positivity. I know my family is already there and I do believe that I can beat this. I just need to remember this on my Bad Days.

* If you are not a James Bond fan and are wondering how I jumped from the ninth ‘official’ James Bond movie to a holiday in Thailand, let me enlighten you. It is time for a FILM FACT! 🎥💡 Scaramanga (played with gusto by Christopher Lee) the movie’s villain, had a hideout and said hideout was an island and said island was filmed on location on Khao Phing Kan in Thailand. We visited said island during our trip way back when in 2001 and, as a fan of the movies and James Bond, I was most excited. Overly excited. So excited that I can tell you that on that day, I was wearing a pair of blue denim look linen shorts (complete with drawstring waist) with a red and white horizontally striped t-shirt with white collar and my breasts were supported by a halter neck tankini underneath the t-shirt. The majority of the outfit was from New Look, to note, not the tankini, I need propersupport. It would be fair to say, I was not comfortable with fashion back then.

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