Long Term Memory (An Update On ‘Aspiration’)

This morning I posted a tale about a trip to Thailand when I was 17 years old. If you have not seen it, here’s the link https://ejbones.wordpress.com/2012/10/07/aspiration/.

Well, after this, Rachael sent me some photographs and they prove that my long term memory is still in full working order. In Your Face Side Effects. In. Your. Face.

Now, for a giggle, below is a photograph of me aged 17 on James Bond Island. Enjoy. 😸😛



Oh, Rachael just sent me so more, they are not connected to the story, but I find them amusing.




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2 thoughts on “Long Term Memory (An Update On ‘Aspiration’)

  1. I am the caregiver, once in awhile now, of a middle-aged MM’er and that was what started my blogging, because I wanted to share life outside the hospital room where the doctors were trying to get a handle on the disease. Four years and two SCTs and a mini-allo later, we are still trying to get the protein numbers to go away altogether… we keep hoping and intending. So, anyhow, just introducing myself as I will show up from time to time as one of the cheerleaders of this group you have inadvertently joined.

    Just wanted to add that you are a beautiful young woman and your photos show what huge smile you have… intending that even as the ‘stones’ drop away, the smile will stay…

    • ejbones says:

      Thank you. It’s so strange, I am finding MM a whole new language. I had to look up one of the acronyms you used. It’s like starting a new job in government…. Paraprotein is my nemesis at the moment. I wish I had not heard the word and that I did not need to know what it meant. I am just hoping and wishing for a CR!

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