Baby Steps

It may be a hoax or some sort of mental trickery, but I appear to feel slightly better than I did yesterday. I am realistic, I know that I am not cured of my doubt, I am just feeling better. I suspect that there are three reasons for this;

1/ Writing the blog is cathartic. It is the main reason why I started it in the first place. Being able to write down my thoughts and feelings, good or bad, and articulating it, makes My Myeloma clearer in my mind. Writing my blog makes me feel better. Just like on the 20 August, emailing my friends and colleagues helped me process what had just been thrown my way.

2/ I have spent the last two days doing very little. Exceptions to that include a TV box set and Words With Friends.

3/ Following my post yesterday, I woke up this morning to emails and messages from people reminding me of their support and this has continued throughout the day. I in turn, continue, in this area of my life at least, to be incredibly lucky. Lucky that I have an amazing Support Network around me. My favourite message of the day, comes from a person who was wise enough to hire me six years ago. She has copied my writing style, which I enjoyed thoroughly. The email made me guffaw and thus that is why I am sharing it with you now…

Its just the next phase I reckon, and you will come away from this even stronger (which is quite a scary thought but true nonetheless), but no doubt go through this lots of times. Things could be worse remember, and just in case you don’t believe that I have listed 11 – 10 would just be predictable. There are lots more though, and remember I don’t do feelings either so they are objective, and not gushing/made up. They would make a good vision statement in a business plan I reckon.

1. You could be a minger. You’re not. Nuff said.

2. You could have thin lips and a non expressive face which wouldn’t help should the hair decide to leave your head. Instead you have an interesting and attractive face which can so work red lipstick (for which I am seriously jealous) and looks cool in quirky wigs and chunky jewellery (most of us would look like Bet Lynch on a bad day)

3. You have amazing friends and family. Nuff said. Actually, not nuff said, they are really bloody amazing aren’t they. And interesting. I’m waiting for Mama Jones to start her own blog, And to understand why Middlesborough is called Middlesborough. I assume its not her real name, but then why pick one that takes so long to type, and is so open to errors.

4. You are witty – truly truly witty.

5. You can write (better than lots of people that get paid for it to be fair)

6. You are intelligent. Very.

7. You are the kind of person that people want to be around – you make people happy.

8. You are interesting. And interested (which counts for a lot)

9. You can cook/bake and no doubt make things with your hands. A regular Kirsty I reckon (actually she can work the red lipstick thing too). You remind me a bit of her come to think of it.

10. You are strong…super strong actually (but human, which means you have to learn not to be strong and let others be strong for you now and again)

11. With or without MM you are a bit of a catch for the right person (although he has to be much of the above to keep up with you….other than working the red lipstick perhaps….although you do live in London so perhaps he will work the red lipstick).

End of the Party Political Broadcast in support of EJB.

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One thought on “Baby Steps

  1. linda2611 says:

    I wish I could copy your Words With Friends style as easy. I may start a blog about being thrashed…..frequently!

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