I am used to a weekend’s lockdown. Back when I was a healthy person, I regularly had to endure a weekend’s lockdown for work and I embraced these times. It was an excuse to rest and bake. These days, now I am not a healthy person, I have a lot of time to rest and not enough time to bake. Annoyingly, I have the energy today to not rest, but my immune system is low, very low and is likely to remain so until Monday. Thus, for health reasons, and because it was this time in the last cycle I caught my cold, I am staying in the flat all weekend and sick people are strictly prohibited from entering.

What to do then? Hmmm. I just cooked a friend lunch and another friend is visiting shortly. Earlier, I did the dishes I had not done for two days because I did not have the energy to do them. I have put the recycling out. I have planned all my meals. I have produced a stool. Maybe it is time to finally conquer the knitting. I could bake whilst listening to Magic FM. I will probably wax my beard. I am most definitely going to watch a film or five, intermixed with some racy Scandinavian crime drama. I may sleep. How many hours is that? ⏳⌛⏳⌛

I bet you are jealous of my life.

All I know, is that I am going to be seeing a lot of the following over the next 48 hours…






Who am I kidding? Of course you are jealous.


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One thought on “Lockdown🔒

  1. Nice apartment!
    Since I’ve lived under the threat of ‘neutropenia’, I’ve been having a bath every night with a cap or two of ‘Dettol’ in it. I’ve got a spa bath, so I lay back and let the bubbling water fill the bathroom with Dettol fumes, breathing it in through my nose. it’s become a very comforting little ritual.
    It’s probably my imagination, but I feel that I thoroughly get rid of all the germs of the day.
    I haven’t taken any other precautions – for example, I’ve been away to hotels and on flights, and still run my busy, germ-infested ‘art group’. I’ve eaten liver and rare meat (I didn’t know not to!).
    So, like every bloody cancer theory, I can’t prove that the ‘Dettol’ bath is the secret to my not having had any infections, but it seems to have worked for me. It’s so pleasant, it’s not worth not doing! (Just makes the house smell like a doctor’s surgery for a few hours.)

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