Well Done Meat

In an attempt to avoid bad bacteria, I am on a cancer diet of well cooked meat. I had all but cut meat out of my diet at the start, but it turns out as a lifelong meat eater, I need meat. Even if it is well done. I miss blood. Blood.

I shouldn’t really complain, because at least I can still eat meat, for other foods, like shellfish are out. Prawns no longer exist, they cannot exist in my mind for me to be able to function. Mmmm, juicy prawns. It’s a shame you are now extinct. ๐Ÿค๐Ÿค

I might fancy a bit of liver one day, but I cannot have that either. Pรขtรฉ is going to have to be replaced by rillettes in the Jones household this Christmas.

A bit of salad? Not on your life. There is something about having to peel a raw tomato that spoils the magic. Oh cherry tomatoes, I miss you. I miss the pop in my mouth and the subsequent taste explosion.

Back to the meat. I have been concentrating on white meat or the stewing cuts, because wise people wouldn’t eat those rare anyway. That was until I was given a steak. A beautiful looking steak. I was scared, I was frightened and just plain worried that I would ruin this steak’s steak by cooking it well done. I researched recipes, selected one and hoped for the best… Anxious… My, it was one tasty juicy steak. It may sound ridiculous, but I am relieved. Relieved that cancer has not taken away my ability to eat tasty cuts of meat. Juicy meat from animals.


The blood will return, in time, on one sweet day. After I have eaten a lobster.

Now, I must go and undo my jeans.



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