Half Term

Over the last two days I have thoroughly enjoyed not feeling unwell. All being well, I have a further seven days of feeling well ahead of me. YES! I have no treatment this week.

No drugs. No drugs. No drugs in my body. Correction. No treatment drugs in my body. Pain control and the protectors will be entering my body, but they do not make me tired and they do not make me sick. YES!

I am only in the hospital once, on Wednesday, and although I will hear some difficult things during this appointment and I anticipate that I will hear more on Friday when a decision is made on my treatment, I have little intention of letting these things ruin my week. Sure, I may be saying something completely different on Friday when we find out about the paraprotein, but I think I am prepared for whatever happens there. POSITIVITY!

So, over the next week I intend to do some of my beloved work, catch up with my correspondence (you really get a lot when you have cancer, it makes you feel dead special), write some humorous blogs, go to a daytime screening of ‘Skyfall’, see my friends and attempt to be a better friend than I have been of late.

I literally cannot wait and I want to savour every moment because I know that it will be another three weeks before I feel like this again. Bloody cancer treatment.


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4 thoughts on “Half Term

  1. atta, girl EJ!!! live the hell outta life every chance you get. i’m here, loving your sassy, spirited attitude, cheering you on!

    love, xoxo,
    karen, TC

  2. Helen Jones says:

    Emma darling, I know you hate sentimental gushiness but this needs to be said. Your family is incredibly proud of you!. Have a really good week.

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