Doctor Rubicin

I have now undergone three rounds of chemotherapy. That is nine weeks of treatment, ten if you include the week I had off due to the common cold.

Since I started my treatment on the PADIMAC trial, I have attempted to become an (non-medical) expert in all aspects of my treatment. For the last ten weeks, I have heard the Medically Trained People mention a Doctor Rubicin. They have mentioned him/her a lot. I have never met said doctor. There was even a week in each cycle named after him/her, Doctor Rubicin. Like some of the other doctors, I thought that this one could be the sort who works behind the scenes, working on the science.

This was what I thought until last week, when I realised that this so called Doctor Rubicin was in fact Doxorubicin; the chemotherapy I have been receiving.

For somebody who pays such attention to their treatment, I really do not know how I could have been so silly.

True story.

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