Twenty Three

Today is Results Day.


To say I was nervous was an understatement. When I woke up this morning, I felt like I was getting up to get my GCSE results, and between you and me, I was disappointed with those. In preparation for today, I had somebody come with me to the clinic, just in case. In preparation, WM had bought me a multipack of Skips, just in case.

The actual result was an anticlimactic. My paraprotein is 23, down from 28 at the start of my last cycle, down from 40 since I started my treatment. In my head, this is neither bad nor good. I am pleased it has gone down, but I would have liked to have it fall below 20, just so I could say I have had a 50% reduction. At least it is working. A reduction is still a reduction and although this may be my last cycle, I could also have a further two cycles. If that is the case, I am only at the halfway mark. PADIMAC may have three more cycles to get its bum in gear. On the bright side, I now know I have the strength to take on all this cycle has to offer. Bring it on. I have food in my freezer.


I don’t just get pricked for my paraprotein level. Oh no. Every three weeks, I have at least five blood tests, including five full blood counts and many other things. I am fortunate to have a Dad to explain these things to me, but I feel it is important to show you the gobbledegook. I tend to just look at the ‘L’ and ‘H’ in the far column. What the FBC says this time round is that my immune system is low, but I am not neutropenic. I am going back on the super foods.




This morning, with breath that was baited, I waited nervously to hear the word “negative”. Phew.

So there it is. And now I start again.


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One thought on “Twenty Three

  1. Sallyann Walls says:

    46% is still a BIG reduction and only a tiny teeny bit off what you wanted it to be. Keep positive and get the next round of treatment under your belt. You CAN and you WILL beat it. Keeping everything crossed. Sally (work) xx

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