And So It Continues…

I am trying not to be one to complain but can this phase be over now please? I am not sure how many hours I have spent in bed since Thursday night, but I know it is more than is deemed socially acceptable and I have cancer.

Yesterday, I was out of bed for a whole three hours, big deal. Actually, at this current moment, it is a big deal as I have spent much of the last 72 hours with a sensation of balls tumbling around my head, invading my personal space whilst a plank of wood is inserted in my spine.

I am a perfect picture of weakness. There are no movie marathons happening here. Chemo brain really does exist. How? I hear you ask. Well, I say, I currently do not have the brain capacity to process what is happening on The X Factor and I like to think that there is usually some spare capacity within my brain to write a thesis or three whilst I am indulging in the nation’s second favourite reality TV show.

This is dead time. It no longer exists and there is absolutely nothing I can do to get it back or prevent losing another four days in three weeks time. Smiley Face. Every time I get up, I just have to get right back in again.

Just. A. Few. Hours. More… Maybe.

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