I bloody love waiting, well, about as much as I love My Myeloma.

I spend my life waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more. It is part of my free treatment and I just have to accept that it happens. Waiting.



I wait for my transport.

I wait for my treatment.

I wait for my results.

I wait for my doctor’s appointments.

Oh, and I am waiting to get better. That is the longest wait imaginable.


I dread to think how much of my life is being wasted waiting for something related to my treatment. Back when I was a cancer novice, I thought that the 45 minute wait for a hospital porter after my MRI scan was bad enough. Now, I tend to wait for everything. They give you appointments, but I have discovered that things rarely run on time. The three hours it takes to receive a single injection are simply the best.


I try to use the waiting time productively, I am waiting right now. Waiting. Today, I have had my 30 minute Doctor’ appointment, and as I sit, waiting for my transport home, happy that I have just seen Manny pull up in his ambulance, I have waited for a total of 264 minutes. That is 4 hours and 24 minutes of waiting. The waiting looked something like this:

08:15-09:55hrs – wait in the flat for hospital transport – 100 minutes
10:35-11:40hrs – wait in the waiting area for my doctor’s appointment – 55 minutes
12:10-12:15hrs – wait for my doctor’s note – 5 minutes
12:15-12:20hrs – queue for the pharmacy – 5 minutes
12:20-12:50hrs – wait for my prescription – 30 minutes
12:50-12:55hrs – queue to collect my prescription – 5 minutes
13:00-14:04hrs – wait in reception for hospital transport – 64 minutes


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