At 11:25hrs this morning, I received a call from the hospital informing me that my paraprotein had reduced by four, below the halfway mark to 19. Nineteen.

Thank all the swear words for that.

I now get to have a Christmas at home with my family and I get to keep what is left of my hair for a little bit longer. Knowing that at some point in the new year, I will undergo a high dose of chemotherapy (aka The Diet), I have decided to indulge this Christmas. Cream can now be yogurt to me.

I could write reams and reams about how relieved and happy I am about the news I received this morning, but I have decided to get up and enjoy my day instead. I have chutney and scones to make.

Many thanks for all the messages this morning. I think my body heard what it had to do.


In case you thought this was all over, I should probably warn you that I get to go through all of this again in three weeks time, just without the possibility of spending my Christmas in a hospital bed with T13’s Angels. That will be 2013’s challenge.

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4 thoughts on “Nineteen

  1. Sally (work) says:

    Only just catching up with your blog. I am SO happy for you. What fantastic news. It has brightened up my day no end.

    • ejbones says:

      Thanks Sally. It was such a relief. I ended up having such a lovely day yesterday. Now for today, I m going to try and find he fun in intimation assurance. See you soon. Emma

  2. oh, emma, i am so relieved and happy for you. i just read something that i thought i would share with you; it’s an old french probverb; “gratitude is the heart’s memory”. i hope that all the well-wishing, happiness, kindness and love from family, friends, your medical team, and from perfect strangers will be the memories that get stored in your sweet heart and end up being those you remember best, the ones that sustain and comfort you, the ones that inspire you and make you smile.

    scones and chutney, ooooo, wish i could have a taste!

  3. Jet Black says:

    So glad to hear your counts are down – the meds are working. Hurray! And happy you get your family Christmas. Enjoy those cooking treats.

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