Today, as I write this blog, I have had 30,099 views since I set up EJBones – My Myeloma on 22 August.

This total does not break records, it does not make my words viral and it is not going to change the world. It does make me feel a hell of a lot better. I still hope that my words and my story can help others, whether you are a fellow cancer sufferer, somebody who knows somebody suffering from cancer or just somebody who knows me and does not know what to say.

I estimate that I have about 200 regular followers, some of you I know, and some of you I don’t. In your own way, you make this little journey of mine that little bit easier. The comments here and there that see me through the darker times and your appreciation of some of my more random musings help me keep hold of the best bits of my personality that otherwise would get lost in Chemo Brain. Or you reading this resulting in one less edition of the Cancer Roadshow, makes the trips out or in that little less hard to take. Or whether it is just knowing that there are at least 200 people out there in cyberspace willing me to get better. Every little helps. It keeps my head up, when all it wants to do is hide.

So, this is just a quick note from me to you, to thank you for logging into my electronic diary, wherever you are on this planet, and participating in this rather horrible war my body has decided to wage against me. I have every intention to keep going with this until I hear the magic words and I promise that I will continue to throw in the odd bit of smut, just so I can liven up your days.

Thanks again. You are the bomb.


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3 thoughts on “30,099

  1. dear emma,

    yes! keep writing! good for you, and good for your readers. i do believe that writing is theraputic and can lead to all the things you hope result from it. and your style is so unique, so honest and compelling. getting down and dirty to tell the truth of losses you’ve endured – with touches (punches, at times!) of humor, sadness, bewilderment, longing, hopefulness, disappointment, doubt, fear, amazement, gratitude – the whole gamut of emotions – i am sure resonates with so many of your readers, as it does with me.

    gentle hugs to you, emma,

    karen, TC

  2. Jet Black says:

    I totally agre with Karen above – please do keep going. You write well – very entertaining! I love your irreverence: “I can say what I like… I’ve got cancer.” That fits right up my street. And people really do appreciate your honesty. If you can’t say it now, when the hell would you? Go girl!

  3. I started my blog because of a relative having MM and not being able to travel… and got comments from people like Karen above, urging me onward because we really do all need each other, for a variety of reasons… so keep on when you can and don’t – for heaven’s sake – feel guilty when you cannot… We will cheer you on anyway!

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