The Taboo Of Pain

I know it is not a thing to be discussed in polite society, but, if you have ever experienced constipation whilst having a fractured rib, you would want and need to tell somebody about it.

It hurts. Plain and simple.

Afterwards, I recommend the douche.

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4 thoughts on “The Taboo Of Pain

  1. Constipation has been the worst part of chemo for me. It’s horrendous!
    I’ve mainly managed it by daily consumption of linseed, and remembering to drink loads, but when I forgot my regime -wow! Is it agony. Up there with childbirth and heart attacks.

  2. dear emma,

    i can’t even imagine what that kind of pain must be like. are they giving you stool softeners? with pain meds, you need them – regularly, and copious amounts. constipation, besides the pain you are enduring, can throw off EVERYTHING, not just physically, but emotinally and mentally. anyone taking opiates needs coverage with appropriate dosages of stool (poop) softeners. there’s actually an established ratio of how much you should take based on the number of pain meds. doctors know this very well, but unfortunately often overlook it. ask, scream and cry if you have to – here, they are available without prescription. it’s unconscionable if this aspect of your care has been overlooked. you have enough to deal with, and i am really angry if you are suffering needlessly.

    • ejbones says:

      Don’t panic. They do give me drugs and that side of things (along with everything else) is closely monitored by the Medically Trained People, but I do not take them because I found they made my nausea worse and generally make me feel ill. I do it all through a high fibre diet, and for 18 days out of 21 it is not an issue now, but on chemo week, it struggles, like my energy.

      I also just like talking about poo. Like any other five year olds.

  3. dear emma,

    thank you so much! i understand, and am glad that those bases are being covered. i am, ahem, relieved – for you. be a five year old whenever you please; no matter the subject – as a charming friend used to say whenever she agreed with me about something i wanted to do or say – “it’s YOUR entitle”.

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