Tin Mouth

Approximately one hour ago, a treat I get at this point in every cycle started. It is called ‘Tin Mouth’. I will have mentioned this before. I believe this side effect, in the short term to be the second worst thing about my treatment. Maybe joint second with the constipation now I have discovered the jellied bullets. If we look at the long term, the whole hair issue and babies gets thrown in, and those side effects are bad. Bad.You do not have to be a genius to work out what ‘Tin Mouth’ is, but I felt the need to enlighten you anyway, mostly because I am working up the energy to put my pyjamas on and need to fill the time…

Everything that goes into my mouth, and just the being that is my mouth tastes like tin. And tin I will taste for the next six days.

The End.


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3 thoughts on “Tin Mouth

  1. JaneD says:

    I so know that taste..EUGH…and even the strongest chewing gum doesnt help. Nibbling pasteurised very strong cheese can cut it…just..for a while – a short while.

    • ejbones says:

      I will try that. I think when I am in hospital for the high dose I will not be able to eat much at all and my mouth will be full of ulcers, so flavoured water only I think. I will find the strength from somewhere.

  2. How about iced pops? So sorry that taste is there…

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