The Good Cylinder

Remember the Good Cylinder…

Remember the Good Cylinder…

Remember the Good Cylinder…

Remember the Good Cylinder…

For this will just not do…


I would not wish this upon a mouldy cabbage, or something as equally heinous. Sprouts.

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5 thoughts on “The Good Cylinder

  1. dear emma,

    i am sending wave and waves of rememberances of what has filled the good cylinder. remember, westminster abbey, the good hostess, the beautiful gifts you made for your friends and family, and the ones you received last week. and remember that you are deeply loved, admired, and appreciated for all that makes you emma – your incredible and at times wry wit, your honesty, your creativity, your willingness to expose your vulnerabilities and longings, and all the people whom you have helped feel better about themselves because you did so.

    sleep as much as you are able, rest and heal.

  2. Jet Black says:

    Hope you take some great reminder photos on a good cylinder day. This is all part of the process. I found surrendering to what my body needs to do was a way to accept/manage the bad cylinder days. And I’m not someone who easily lets go. Wishing you strength and a good time with your family over the holidays.

    • ejbones says:

      Thank you. I hope you had a nice Christmas too… The cylinder will have to be well and truly full before I go in for my high dose. I think the promise of ice lollies is only going to get me so far.

  3. Far away in a sort of jungle-like place, many candles will be lit tonight with a prayer going up for Emma, asking/intending healing be laid upon you, knowing that this energy will arrive as dawn is breaking on Christmas morning where you are so you can enjoy your day.

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