A Christmas Reality

Today is done. Today, is Christmas Day of course, or the 25 December 2012. As I expected, despite trying, today has been bittersweet. My body played ball for approximately four hours this morning, before I crashed and burned, cried, opened my presents and cried again, snoozed, watched a film and ate.

Tears today were inevitable, but how poorly I felt at approximately 14:00hrs today was not. So, being the brave lass I am, I cried. I cried because I wanted to feel better so I could open my presents with energy. Alas, I did not have energy. Stupid Myeloma. If I am perfectly honest, I cried because I have myeloma. There was no escaping it today. Stupid Myeloma.


Why couldn’t Santa Claus make it go away?


At least I was spoilt and got lots of other presents. It is clear from my gifts that at the tender age of 28, I am over the hill. Today, I got a slow cooker, a cook book, smellies, knives and a period drama. I loved them all. Next stop? A sewing machine. For sure.

I would also list how much I have eaten today, but I am not Bridget Jones. Not yet.

Night night,


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