4.2 Million

Have you ever wondered what 4.2 million stem cells looks like? Of course you have. We all have. Well, wonder no more. Today, is a lucky day. It is your lucky day, for below is a bag of 4.2 million stem cells. To be clear, I am talking about my stem cells.


Good one, Body. We get to go home now.

In case you are wondering what the hell I am on about, I needed 4.0 million.

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4 thoughts on “4.2 Million

  1. Jet Black says:

    Well done Emma! Was that one or two days of harvesting? If you’re interested, this was my experience almost two years ago: http://jetblackliving.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/a-harvesting-we-go/.

    With any luck, you’ll find the next bit of time quite fun if it’s similar to my pre-transplant period. No meds, no clinic appointments. I felt quite well and lively for the first time since diagnosis. I even managed a family party and a week camping. I hope you enjoy your time off. x

  2. Linda Jones says:

    We are so pleased for you.xxxx

  3. Well done you!!! Xxx when do you go to “the hotel”xx

  4. Great job and glad to hear of successes!

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