Farewell My Friend

I am a grown up. I am a 28 year old with multiple myeloma and I try everyday to do what any normal 28 year old person living in London would do…. So forgive me.

It is then, with sadness, that I announce that something that has been with me since I started my journey has been lost. He held me high when I could not do it myself. He supported me when I walked. He supported me in those early days when I could not stand up from the toilet. He was there when I needed to go to Sainsbury’s to buy my Soreen. He got me out of bed when I could not stand by myself. He told everybody that I was poorly. He held my hand nobody else would.

He, is my Walking Stick. My beautiful NHS issue Walking Stick with the broken handle. Dewy eyed. I am so sorry I left you in my taxi. Remorse. I am so sorry I got drunk and temporarily forgot that I had cancer and I needed you. I am so sorry I forgot you were my amour. You were there when I needed you and I just left you, I forgot about you because finding my hat, at the time, was more important. It wasn’t. You were a part of My Journey. You should have been in my shrine. You represented my progress every time I looked at you or every time I held you and realised I didn’t need you anymore. You became a nuisance, a liability. You made it clear that the Zometa had progressed my bones to the humping Starfish, and what did I do? I showed you my gratitude by forgetting your existence.

I genuinely do not know how I will cope without you. You were my treasure. You were my silver. You were adjustable. You made my life easier for so long. I am 28 with myeloma and you protected me.

How am I going to get on a bus tomorrow without you?


Bye bye My Love. You will never know how much you meant to me.



P.S. I totes just vomited.

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One thought on “Farewell My Friend

  1. […] When I awoke this morning, I ran (that’s right, ran) to the front door by my coat stand to ensure that my handbag and purse were safely contained in my flat, and what do you know, hidden behind my collection of coats was my beloved Walking Stick standing there like nothing was wrong. Man, he is loyal. Grieving over. Half my heart is mended. https://ejbones.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/farewell-my-friend/ […]

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