Bring It On Please

I woke up this morning, after I had crashed in my bed the day before, knowing that I was ready. Something had shifted. I was ready to start my new treatment cycle, and as angry as I am, moping is not going to change things. So, I woke up ready to attack this motherfucker with drugs funded by your tax money, and I think I am ready its side effects.

Having read the guidance yesterday, I took my time depositing with the greatest of ease this morning because I know that that is going to become difficult again. Bloody shit. Linseed will also be making a return, that’s for sure. Once I was finished doing that, <em>twice</em>, I got dressed. Some would say that I was overdressed for a trip to Daycare, but I do not give a damn. It continues to be my armour. You know that there was a Mac Matte on my luscious lips. <em>Something about me has to remain luscious</em>. Dancing around the flat in my bra and skirt may have seemed overkill, but it made me feel like Sharon Stone and it just confirmed that I was <em>ready</em>.

The chrome coloured lining is that I have been through this before. I know the tricks of the trade and I will use them to make <em>this</em> easier. Upon arrival at the Macmillan Centre I took myself to the Lower Ground Floor where my favourite Blood Taking Man took my blood, because I had the foresight to pick up a blood form yesterday. I then went up a floor to check that my prescription was ready after being deposited yesterday. <em>It wasn’t.</em> I expected this, I have been through it all before, remember? So I smiled politely and said I would be back. I made my way up the Second Floor also known as Daycare, at 11:00hrs. The best time to receive drugs for you get a free lunch. I did not need to check in, I just said hello to my favourite iPhone Loving Receptionist and that was it. It was like the last three months had never happened. The Medically Trained People were saying hello, seeing how I was and I managed to be glued to my iPhone, iPad and iPod all at the same time. It was normal. A normal to which I have become accustomed since this all started six months ago. When I was called over, a mere ten minutes later, I made my way to my favourite red seat next to the power points and settled on down.

Now, I said to the Medically Trained People yesterday that I wanted to be in and out in an hour. It was actually 90 minutes, but I will let them off that because I asked for some extra drugs yesterday and I was surprised to find this waiting to be administered today. That meant a cannula, but I love the Zometa too much to complain. Cannula’s are not a regular occurrence with VTD.

So there I sat, in my favourite red chair getting the drugs and knowing the forms. I was all zeros today, which means no side effects. That will come. I had my blood pressure taken sitting and standing. They didn’t need to tell me, I knew that was coming too. If this is what I have to do once a week, then so be it. I am ready.

At Velcade Time, when the second nurse arrived, I excitingly declared “Emma Jane Jones. 24th of the 5th, 1984. In the stomach please.” And that was it. It was done. Well almost, my nurse, who had evidently never met me before insisted that I had a blue book to record my appointments. Like I said, she clearly had never met me before. As with PADIMAC, that book will last a week. I do not forget my appointments. I then picked up a blood form for next week and got the lift downstairs, where I collected my bag of goodies, which by this point in time was ready. ID at the ready because I was collecting a controlled substance.

Tonight I have to give myself an injection and take my thalidomide and that will be my Day One done. It’s like the first time all over again.

So I finish as I started. <em>Bring. It.On.</em> <strong>I am ready.</strong>


P.S. If you want a laugh, try listening to me pronounce ‘thalidomide’. It’s impossible I tell you. Impossible.

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2 thoughts on “Bring It On Please

  1. Deborah says:

    Glad to hear you are back on track Emma. I was at UCLH on Thursday I am starting to think I live there now I seem to have to visit so often! Your blog all sounds so familiar and you have helped me lots getting the timings right and the bloods done before I get to floor 2. I am also getting to befriend the tea lady who will now save me a salad. I also know who best to try and get for the cannula if I want it in first time! Unfortunately I waited 4 hours on Thursday to be told they were not going to give me the Velcade again due to my side effects, I wish they could have just told me that over the phone. I am worried that I will be taken off the PADIMAC trial now so who knows what will happen next. I expect I will find out on Tuesday when I see the consultant.
    What a roller coaster this journey seems to be. Like you I am strong, well most of the time, but not sure how long I can keep the strength up sometimes, so I am getting better at allowing myself some grumpy days and usually try to warn people before hand.
    I hope your next part of the journey goes well.
    Deborah x

    • ejbones says:

      I so sorry to hear you are having problems with the Velcade. I absolutely hate it. Touch wood my side effects were not that bad compared to others, but they and to reduce my dose when I was on PADIMAC. I think we are just really lucky that we are at a hospital where they monitor it so closely, because I know of others who were not monitored as well and now their long lasting side effects are quite debilitating. At the moment, I just get a dead arm much faster than I ever used to. That said, it took a few hours yesterday before I was shouting at my foot. It’s not to bad today. I cannot really feel it.

      Now I am back in treatment, I’ll probably bump into you on the twos. Well, I am treated on a Friday, so maybe not.

      Take care.

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