Smoking Hot

These hot flushes are becoming outrageous. Actually outrageous. In fact, their ability to interrupt my life is ridiculous. I am currently sleeping, correction, trying to sleep, in a room with an open window when it is 2 degrees outside and there is an electric fan directed at my person and still I awake with moist crevices. And it is literally, every crevice.

I wanted for myself, a 12 hour sleep tonight, but what has actually happened, is that I have just woken up for the seventh time, with a sweaty crown, wondering whether it is possible to fry an egg on my arm. It would appear that I am constantly thinking about whether it is possible to fry an egg on my arm. Hooray for hot flushes. You have come thirty years early. Thanks.

The Medically Trained People do not know why I am having these hot flushes. As they have got progressively worse over the last fortnight, I definitely complained about it this week, despite knowing that complaining about it could have caused a delay in my treatment. It is bothering me that much. They don’t know what it is, whether it is a side effect of my current treatment or the fake menopause or both. They have done tests. Frankly, I do not care, I would just like to go through the night and not wake up in the morning smelling like an Orangina and onion mix.

A girl doesn’t need much.

What I found so great about the hot flush is that in the grand scheme of things, and I know the scheme, it is a relatively minor side effect, that has an amazing ability to disrupt my life with the greatest of ease. The flushes have even started to sneak up on me during the day, which is less than ideal when one is wearing a wig and trying to look attractive. I know I am hot, but really, the rosy cheeks and sweaty sheen is too much. Too much to bear. I can feel the nights of interrupted sleep start to take their toll, I can feel an ever so slight hint of grumpiness… See?

So, anonymous Facebook friend, always complaining (whinging) about minor medical ailments, and again I see this evening. I will take your cough and ‘pulled muscles’ or whatever it is today, and raise you a tenner. Myeloma trumps everything. Even if it is just a hot flush.

Sleep, sleep, I want to go to sleep. I just really, really, really, really, want to sleep, and I guess, wake up dry.


A Smoking Hot, EJB x

Sizzle, sizzle.

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5 thoughts on “Smoking Hot

  1. Sarah D says:

    As per my tweet – try a sometimes the Macmillan folk can give you one.
    I wished that they made them mattress sized.
    Also beware the curse of emulsified foundation! So unnactractive. Mineral powder seems to be ok, liquid based just coagulates and emulsiffies. They don’t tell you that.
    Also – your maximum duvet tog – in even these artic conditions may only need to be a 6. In the summer a sheet or a tog 3 is just fine. And a post shower flush has to be the most annoying thing out.
    Having drinks in the Ice Bar becomes the stuff of dreams – day and night.

  2. Jet Black says:

    It’s a bugger, innit? I haven’t had them quite as bad as you, but I did try Black Cohosh, from a health shop, which seemed to help. I had to stop using it as I went through the SCT as they were concerned in case it clashed with one of the meds, but until you get to that point, you may want to try it.

  3. I went through a phase of night sweats. My MTPs (I love your terminology) implied that that’s a problem connected to lymphoma, and myeloma – they were quite dismissive. Every now and then, I realise they don’t understand myeloma as well as thy claim to. I still don’t know what triggers it for me – except I’m certain it’s not menopause!

  4. …lymphoma, and NOT myeloma…

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