The Birthday Present

When I woke up this morning, my body decided to give me a nice big birthday present wrapped in red… Some would say that my body was being thoughtful, but I am undecided.

And so, after three months and some embarrassing hot flushes later, I can confirm, that as of this morning, I am no longer in fake menopause.


This is just what I want on my birthday, it is up there with the rain. If memory serves, this will not be pleasant.

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7 thoughts on “The Birthday Present

  1. Can you use black cohosh cream to moderate the hot flashes? I used to call them Power Surges… I used wild yam cream, but I was still terrible to be around. Intending yours are not as difficult to deal with…

  2. Where are you?! How is it going? Haven’t heard from you for a while. Hope all is ok.

  3. Jet Black says:

    Hey Emma, no blog updates for a while. I’m concerned. I do hope you’re ok. x

  4. Linda Bochnovich says:

    I too, have been following your blog and concerned since you haven’t updated in a while. Do hope that you are OK.

  5. Sharpy Sharpster says:

    Yes, I’ve been wondering about you too. Hope all is well. X

  6. Sending you Reiki and other healing energies and hoping we are hearing that you’ve just taken a break from blogging…

  7. Friend from afar says:

    We miss your wit! And please know I am rooting for you from NY City.

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