The Wire Haired Fox Terrier

My hair is growing back. It’s a true story. I was told it would and what do you know, it is.

I was also told that it would come back wonderfully soft, like babies hair. This is not happening. No. Perhaps the reason for this is because I failed to lose all of my hair, or perhaps it is because I am genetically cursed to have hair so coarse that it resembles the coat of a wired head fox terrier. That’s right, I am walking around with a dark shade of brown head of animal hair on my head. No amount of conditioner can hide the fact that I have a thickening rug of short and curlies visible for all the world to see. My long hair hid the fact that my hair has the consistency of straw, but now it is short, there is nowhere to hide. There is also, nowhere to hide my grey hairs. Apparently, I have more than I thought I had, though, I suspect my eyes are lying to me on this subject.

It is fortunate that I do not have a significant other, because if I did, they’d obviously had the constant desire to touch me, and if they ever accidentally stroked my head, the wire carpet would cut their hand. So… Small mercies, lads.

Pubes with Headphones

Thanks Mum. Thanks Dad.

Oh well, it’ll all come out again soon. It’s a shame then, that I currently require a hair cut. The bits at the back are bending and I really do not have a clue what to do about it. Ah, the stress. Ah, the vanity.

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3 thoughts on “The Wire Haired Fox Terrier

  1. Van townsend says:

    That’s what I resent about the MM Devil whom I will kick in the balls at the Gates of Hell . Vertebrae Compression fractures cost me 4 inches of height from 6’2″ to a wimpy 5’10” now. Then Dex Demon added almost 20 pounds so now i’m at 165 to 160 and hate it when people say, ” ya look great; you’ve gained weight!”. Not to mention the Moon Face jowls that Dex provides us.
    And hair did come back Baby Chick soft and then grew so curly that people thought I had a perm from my previous long stringy locks.
    I empathize; a big part of QOL is our vanity. And docs don’t get it.
    Hang in there and keep breathing fire!

  2. To have hair like a wire-haired fox terrier is surely the state to which all sensible humans aspire!
    Bertie (a wire-haired fox terrier)..

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