Preparation IV

I’ll achieve all of this. Absolutely. Positively. For sure. Maybe.


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6 thoughts on “Preparation IV

  1. samsalduk says:

    Good luck Emma, I will be thinking of you.

  2. Terri J says:

    Thinking of you Emma. Hope all goes well. 11 months after having her transplant my daughter was just told she can stop Revilmid for the forseeable future. Now she is just taking Calcium supplements & antiviral med to prevent Shingles. She is in complete remission. Hope you have as much success as she did. Will be sending out positive thoughts for you every day. Mama Jones USA

  3. The pom-poms have arrived so I can start handing them out to the cheerleaders for you… we’re ready if you are…

  4. Alison Bevan says:

    Good luck Emma my thoughts are with you. Look ahead to a bright future.
    love Alison Bevan xxx

  5. Terri J says:

    Thinking of you Emma. Use that good sense of humor you have to keep us informed on how you are doing.

  6. hey, sandy! please don’t forget to hand down some of those pom-poms for me, too. and can I join you in the cheering section for our dear emma?

    emma, I hope you can FEEL all the love, the support, and the cheers being sent your way.

    love, xoxo

    Karen, TC

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