Preparation V

I did not complete my to do list, but as a wise man once said, that does not matter today. My bag is packed, EMan is in a protective case, my work laptop has been put away, my bed is made. I guess this means I am prepared. I will be ready when I shut my front door.

I am going in for my transplant today. I am leaving my flat, leaving my bed, leaving Yoda and Bruce and my television. Today is a day.

I imagine, I may feel blue a few times over the next few weeks… It’s a given. For when that does happen, my preparation also included all of this; my cylinder is full. For everybody who did a little something towards that, I thank you. Hell, I love you.







The next few weeks are all about me.

Game on.

Now, Emma Jane, stop crying.

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One thought on “Preparation V

  1. JaneD says:

    Emma, I hope that the force, and the positive thoughts of all those who know you, love you and have followed your journey thus far be with you, today and in the days to come….and we will “see” you on the other side of the “T” day….

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