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Some time ago, whilst I was preparing myself for March’s transplant, I was informed, and it was informed, I am talking volunteered information here, that the Melphalan induced bowel problems, whilst horrible, were not considered to be ‘offensive’.

At the time, if memory serves, it was during my harvest, I asked for some clarification. By ‘offensive’, what was meant was that the Melphalan side effects do not come with an unpleasant smell. Great, I thought, I can defecate in front of my friends and they would be none the wiser.

Unfortunately, whilst my faeces has yet to turn to liquid, I am experiencing increased, erm, action, in this area, and I can confirm, in my windowless hotel room, all evidence, thus far, has been to the contrary.

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4 thoughts on “Hot Box

  1. Terri J says:

    Thanks for sharing. I think it’s the gas that accompanies it. Look at the silver lining, it’s letting more of the poisonous melphalan out of you. I can’t believe I’m commenting on this.

    • ejbones says:

      I will always share things like this. My blog has two purposes, the first is to portray an absolutely realistic look at my experience of myeloma. I do not want to shy away from something because it is considered uncouth. In this instance, if this helps show the people in my life the degree of my stomach ache, then I am a happy person. The second reason, is to make me laugh. If I can find some humour in ‘this’, then I am going to. People can comment, or not comment on them, but I still intend to share.

      • Spot on Emma – I think its good to dump the full warts-n-all of myeloma right in people’s faces. That’s certainly a key feature of my blog – though in a slightly different style from yours.

        Welcome to the dog days of your SCT. Hang in there. In a week or so, the low point should be well and truly past. And then, slowly, you will begin to feel better, I hope.

  2. Terri J says:

    I agree. You should tell it like it is. You make me laugh a lot. Humor is the best way to get thru things/

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