Perhaps it was destined to happen. I joked about it happening for long enough. I could not help it. I am sick. Really sick. It was unexpected. It’s the drugs fault. Even though I am an adult, this was beyond my control.

Oh God, I just shat myself.

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3 thoughts on “Whoopsie

  1. You have to bottom out (pardon the pun) at about 10 days and then you will begin to start feeling better and better each day in small increments. Hang in there, as you are half-way down the elevator. Then the only way after that is up… I am holding you in the Healing Light every day.

  2. Terri J says:

    You have hit the wall. Now you will start climbing back up & eventually get to the top where REMISSION awaits you.

  3. lexborgia says:

    Shit happens – no big deal. Question: what’s the outlook now after the transplant? Will you get better(for sure), or is it a wait and see situation? Will you need to repeat the process continually? Your story is like a suspense thriller; seems only those who’ve been there knows what’s coming next. I don’t; I just want you to kick the villain’s ass.

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