An Image Conscious

Some people may be surprised to hear, that even though I have had several episodes of diarrhoea in the last 48 hours and I have now stopped taking any fluids voluntarily, and thus I am very woozy, I am still conscious about my body image.

I want to look nice.

Obviously, there is no point on putting make up on in here, it would just come off on my pillow. My hair is going go fall out, so, why bother with gel now? There is also little point in me getting changed out of my pyjamas, as there is no discernible difference between day and night for me, apart from, during one of these things, I get visitors.

This morning, aware that I am at my least comfortable and confident, imagine my mortification, when I was discovered by not one, but two nurses (you need two for opiates), lying on my bed in old lady pyjamas, with a bra gathered around my PICC line, which unknown to me, was making my pyjama top pull up, and reveal my saggy left breast with a mind of its own. I was wearing a purple t-shirt and lilac patterned bottoms. My PICC Line is in my left arm. I did not have a shower yesterday. FYI.

That is how I am rolling.

Thankfully, one of the Angels tidied me up before the Doctors came in.

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2 thoughts on “An Image Conscious

  1. Terri J says:

    If you haven’t lost all your inhibitions by now , it’s time to let lose. Sara was very modest before her diagnoses but as you know all the poking, prodding, testing & chemicals quickly let you lose your modesty. You probably feel like you already don’t have any energy to move but if you can walk around a little in the hall or your room it will help you when you are ready to be released. Even if it is just twice around the room a couple of times a day.

  2. Sheri from Idaho says:

    While I was in the hospital for my SCT, I tried to put on lip gloss, mascara and a little blush so I didn’t look like I was on death’s door step, even if I felt like it sometimes. And I always straightened up my hair and clothes before my Dr. came in for rounds every morning! But, for the most part, modesty with everyone else went right out the door!

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