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The Hostess

Today, I have successfully shown myself that if the time is right, I am well rested and driven, that I, Miss Emma Jane Jones can still be a hostess. I bloody love being a hostess. Today, as much as it was about having my friends round for Christmas nibbles, it was about proving to myself that this part of me, can still exist, even if I have to try a little bit harder than I did in my pre myeloma days. In your face myeloma.

I have said previously how much I like organised fun and and how much I love Christmas. Put the two together and I am in heaven. Well not heaven, I don’t want to be in heaven. Let’s just say I am in a place where one has a lot of fun. So, My Christmas Nibbles, with Housemate on the music was a delight.

Everybody who turned up, made the six hours of preparation yesterday and four hours today worthwhile. Actually, baking is always worthwhile, but it was better than that. Everybody who turned up made my week. I can rarely go to them, so the fact so many came to me makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and smug. The thought that they only came because of My Myeloma has been pushed out of my mind. Maybe it was a factor, but not the only factor, even for the really hungover ones. My feet are also buzzing, but I think that is just because I stood up too long.

I go to bed this evening happy. Even after everybody left, I was alone and had to take my evening dose of morphine. I suppose that this could just be the mulled wine talking.

I have even followed my instructions and left the cleaning until the morning, well, I have left the dishes.

I could list everything I made, but that would be boring. You can just look at some of the pictures.




Now for sleep. I fear I will pay for it tomorrow, my body aches all over, but I am positive that if that is the case, it was worth it.

Seasons greetings.


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There was a period, earlier in my treatment, when I was overwhelmed with all the beautiful bunches of flowers I was sent from the UK’s finest establishments and beyond. These have now, quite rightly stopped. I mean it couldn’t go on forever and I suppose people had to stop showering me with attention. Who needs attention? Not me, I am a wallflower. That said, I really did get so goddamn excited when these beauties were hand delivered to my flat on Sunday, fresh from Columbia Road Flower Market.

I am only going to say this once, my name is Emma Jane Jones and I am a spoilt princess. Fact.

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Dedicated Friends Complete Half Marathon For Cancer Riddled Chum

Two friends successfully completed the Bristol Half Marathon on Sunday 30 September, running to raise money for cancer charity Myeloma UK. Laura, 28 and Sarah, 30, both based in London, underwent an intensive training regime to prepare for their 13 mile challenge. The week before the run, the two friends who met whilst studying at Royal Holloway, University of London, braced the harsh British climate and completed a 13 mile run in torrential conditions. Fortunately, the weather for the main event was more favourable. Sarah and Laura completed the marathon in a respectable time of 2 hours and 13 minutes, crossing the finishing line holding hands, symbolising the strength of their bond and enduring friendship.

Sarah and Laura decided to raise money for Myeloma UK after their attractive and intelligent friend, who goes by the name of EJ Bones, 28, was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in August. Myeloma is a cancer of the bone marrow, and it is rare for somebody of Miss Bones’ age to be diagnosed with the disease. Myeloma is commonly described as a treatable cancer, but a cancer that has no cure. Myeloma UK, in addition to supporting those suffering from Myeloma, also promote and encourage research for new treatments and seek to ensure that new treatments get to Myeloma patients as quickly as possible.

To date, the friends have raised £190 for the charity and there is still time to donate. Although the friends completed the race in good time, it was not without suffering. Laura has sustained an injury in a location to be identified and after an evening of worry and agony, Sarah, has confirmed that she has a swollen toe, which has started to bruise. Such hardship on behalf of their attractive and intelligent friend with a cancer with no cure, is duly worthy of more recognition from others’ hard earned cash. Donations can be made at

Today, Sarah explained ‘there was a point at seven miles where we felt like we could run forever – that we’d definitely want to do a whole marathon – but then, by around the eleven mile mark, when our legs started hurting and our feet were sore, we decided the idea of a full marathon was masochistic and insane.’ On completion of the race, Laura simply said, ‘We did it!’.

‘We did it!’, Laura, left, Sarah, right.

Miss Bones was unable to travel from London to Bristol to support her friends in person. It is understood that at the time of the race, whilst her friends were running 13 miles to raise money on her behalf, Miss Bones was in bed eating yogurt. Miss Bones was not available for comment today, but left a comment on Laura’s Just Giving page expressing her gratitude, which read ‘I am so bloody fortunate to have friends like you to do this for me’. Miss Bones is indeed fortunate.

Sarah and Laura celebrated their triumph with a well deserved glass of red wine, before returning to London, back to the grindstone.

To find out more about Myeloma and the work of Myeloma UK please visit their website

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Running For Friends

My two beautiful and very organised friends, Sarah Lester and Laura Phillimore are going for a little run next weekend. When I say a little run, they are doing the Bristol Half Marathon. I am not able to do the Bristol Half Marathon, and trust me, this has absolutely nothing to do with My Myeloma. I just can’t run. I don’t like it. As a rule of thumb, exercise and me do not get on. We never have.

It gets on with Laura and Sarah however, and as well as having the personal achievement of being able to run 13 miles next weekend, which I am in complete awe of, they have been kind enough to set up a Just Giving page to raise money for Myeloma UK. The page is by no means last minute.

Once again, I am truly thankful to have friends like these and I know they are going to smash it.

The link to their page is below as is a lovely photograph of the two of them just so you know that I was not lying when I said they were beautiful, but that’s probably because they exercise…

Thanks Ladies.

EJ x


Both Ways

To My Dear Friends and Family,

There have been several occasions since my diagnosis when I have paid tribute to you all for the support and consideration you have shown and I know, will continue to show as I continue with my battle against My Myeloma. I would not have got this far without you and I know that I will not be able to continue as I have, without your continued and unwavering support and love. Each of you, and I know you know who you are, make me get up everyday and battle this. All of you make me want to survive and beat this. All of you, make me know that my life is worth living. All of you, make my life worth living. You always have, I just never knew it, because until the dreaded diagnosis, I never had any reason to question my own mortality or question why any of you would want to be friends with a girl like me.

Earlier this week, I said that My Myeloma does not define me. It doesn’t. By the same token, My Myeloma cannot begin to define my relationships. Each of you, day by day, hour by hour, are supporting me through the treatment, asking me and talking me through the highs and the inevitable lows. I know you are worried and you want me to get better and and I know you all want me to be okay. If this was not happening to me, and it was happening to one of you, I would behave in exactly the same way and this fact makes me proud. The way you are all rallying around me, makes me proud to call you my friends.

I am not foolish. I know I have cancer and an increased mortality rate, facts that unfortunately are not going to go away for a while, and thus I acknowledge that I will continue to need you more than I have ever done before… I however, need you to know that I am here for you as I have always been. This works both ways.

I will continue being what I have always been and holding the roles that I have always had, and that is being a Daughter, a Little Sister and a Friend. This works both ways.

As you are here for me, I am here for you. I love you and my loyalty and support is steadfast. This works both ways. It’s just like it has always been, although I do admit that I never, ever, ever would have said this, let alone written it down on the worldwide web (I genuinely fear that my heart of stone is now long gone).

In spite of what is going on inside my body, I am still the person you can contact to shout, rant, cry, whinge, bitch and moan at. My Myeloma should not be a consideration. I am on the other end of a phone, or sitting in my flat, ready to hear about your days and listen to you talk to me about your lives. Good and bad. If you get drunk and you feel anxious, I am here for you to talk to. If your boss is being an arse and you feel perturbed, I am here for you to talk to. Feel like you are falling in or out of love? I am here for you to talk to. Not sure how to get that bread to rise? I am here for you to talk to. Don’t like what’s on at the nearest multiplex? I am here for you to talk to. Or if you just fancy a cup of tea or a pint, then I am here for you to talk to. This works both ways.

My Myeloma cannot define us. The only difference now is that I may actually be able to keep a secret… Oh, and I have a teeny bit more time on my hands.

So there you have it, my beautiful, true friends. This works both ways.

Much love,
Emma x

Are You Having A Scarf?

As you can imagine, or indeed, if you are a regular reader of this blog, I am somewhat preoccupied with my diminishing locks at the moment.

Wednesday was horrific, I wrote all about it, but today, I have tried, and I believe succeeded, to some extent, to see the current situation in a more positive light. Yes, I am losing my hair, but let us not forget, I am still undergoing treatment against My Myeloma. And said treatment, may just be working. I bloody hope it is. I cannot lose sight of my target. My one and only target.

My blood count came back today as normal. When I say normal, in the words of Haemo Dad, my Full Blood Count was “normal for a normal person, not a person with cancer”. Even my bloody calcium, the pre diagnosis indicator, the thing that got me admitted to UCH in the first place, was normal, but then, that has been normal since I was released from my cell four weeks ago. I am trying not get ahead of myself, I can’t. I know that my paraprotein is the important thing and I have no idea what he is doing right now, but a normal person’s blood results? Well, I think I can live with that. My fingers are crossed that this sort of thing will continue, especially next week as we move once again into the potential ‘immune system crash territory’. No snogging post next Thursday. Damn. Actually, perhaps I could just check for inflection first. It’s only fair others get to play with my thermometer as well…

But, really, let’s get back to my hair….

Yesterday, I paid thanks to the onsite Macmillan Support Team, and after 40 hours, I can honestly say that they made my day better yesterday and they made my day better today. I don’t think it is possible to expect more or receive more from such a service. Why were they good today, I hear you ask? Well, after today’s treatment, chemotherapy treatment, that I now do not need to have for another 17 days, I ventured to the ground floor where the centre is located with my friend Zeb, and played with some scarves. Trust me, it proved to be more fun than it sounds.

As with actual hair, I am beginning to learn that there are several things a woman can do to make themselves feel more attractive when they do not have hair. Prior to My Myeloma, I was also preoccupied with looking more attractive, so why should this be any different? As I said yesterday, My Myeloma does not define me. My vanity on the other hand….. (FYI, pre diagnosis, I may have had an addiction to 25+ weekly pints , which I see now was something of a hindrance in my quest for long lasting sexiness.)

I have already listed how I plan to look more attractive post hair, so do not fear, I have no desire to participate in any form of regurgitation right now. Just rest assured, I have plans now. I feel some of my control coming back. I know I will lose it again, but for the time being, I have hold of some of the reigns. That includes attempting to not think about what is happening on my head until at least Sunday. It’s a sanity test.

So, in the interests of not regurgitating and preventing further insomnia, below are some photographs of the scarf fitting session. Warning! I will not have hair when I attempt to rock this look for you next, I need to buy some decent scarves, for I am not really a pink scarf sort of girl, oh, and I have already forgotten the tying techniques. I am sure that as this time approaches, I will play my damsel card and all will work it itself out in the end. Thanks to George on Wednesday, I have also started seriously dreaming about the turban. I can make a turban sexy. I am ‘hawt!’ Make no mistake of that fact you Fucking Myeloma. Make no mistake.

Best wishes, EJB










Food Restrictions

At some point, on a quiet day, I intend to tell you all about my amazing new diet, which I imagine is going to make me so hot, I’ll be able to pull off any short hair style cancer decides to enforce upon me. Trust me, it really will be an interesting blog.

Until that lucky day comes, I think I should inform you, especially my generous friends that there are restrictions to my diet. Most of them are self imposed. Annoyingly, this predominantly exists around fruit. I can’t really eat it.

Yesterday, I received a package of strawberries and blueberries, which in the raw form, I cannot eat. They may carry germs and I am just too cautious to risk further ill health. When I say cautious, what I actually mean is that I am a wuss. I think most normal people would have given the fruit to Housemate and there is some for him, sure. In my mind however, so that the kindness did not go to waste and also to not to waste money, I had another escorted trip to the supermarket and spent more money, and decided to cook said fruit. Plus, the baking on Thursday felt so good. No wonder it is actually my hobby.

And what are the fruits of my labour I hear you ask? Strawberry crumble and breakfast blueberry muffins. Feast your eyes on these…

FYI. I am aware that my logic is ridiculous, especially because I think I spent a week’s worth of energy in the last 24 hours and thus, as a result, I am fairly certain that tomorrow will now equal hibernation.



A Little Bit Of My Norm

Two weeks ago, or there about’s (you know what the drugs do to my memory), I set myself my first proper goal. That goal was to be able to go out last night and celebrate one of my best friend’s 30th Birthday. Like I would have done pre-MM. And do you know what? I only bloody went and did it. I actually did it. And you know what else? I enjoyed myself to boot.

Things were different to my pre-cancer norm. Clearly they would be. I got home at 00:45hrs stone cold sober. Me, sober. Unheard of 5 weeks ago. This morning, I woke up without a hangover. It felt wrong. I do not know how teetotallers do it. Really I don’t. I could eat normally. I didn’t need fizzy water or carbs or even cheese. My skin looked normal. I could even form sentences, despite the morphine.

At some point over the coming months, I may not feel the need to thank people for their kindness and generosity after nights like last night. It’s all a bit sentimental and melancholy… But I am a sap now. Cancer has temporarily turned me into a bloody sap. I show feelings. I have faith that this will go soon. Until that point comes then, one massive thanks to everybody from last night, you were truly amazing. I am most thankful for not having to do to my ‘EJJ Cancer Road Show’, that just gets boring. Oh, and to people who protected me from getting bashed, gave up their seats and escorted me home. You are all the bomb.

The main point of today’s post anyway, is to show you all the photographs of me having fun. I need to document this time, so my next 4-6 months does not get lost. I do apologise to all the people who had to endure my iPhone in their face. You did well, but I do have cancer so you didn’t really have much of a choice about it did you? For the time being at least, I will get may way on some things. It’ll protect you all from the ‘roid rage.

If last night showed me anything, and I already knew this anyway, it showed me that I will not let MM become my identity. I will still be me. I will not let it define me. Everything that makes me me, even the annoying bits will remain. Cancer, overtime, will become my equivalent of eczema. Secondary.

So there you have it. First post-diagnosis night out done… Thank goodness.

Much love, as always.



















I Will Always Be A Baker

It required my own personal grocery shopper, two oven monitors, a cake tin fetcher and three tasters, but look what I achieved yesterday! In case you cannot tell what I achieved yesterday, you are looking at some bacon, cheese and chive muffins presented in gingham. Gingham.

Happy Birthday Morris! I did it for you really, but I am obviously super proud of myself and relieved that it could be done.


Arts And Crafts

This is a fun homemade card I received today… Prizes for spotting all my loves. I promised the maker she would remain anonymous. I have kept that promise, for once.


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